Hannah teaching Afghan dance at Alouart Studio in Barcelona, Spain

Hannah teaching Afghan dance at Alouart Studio in Barcelona, Spain

Learn about the rich historical, cultural, an artistic legacy of Western and Central Asia through single workshops or weekend intensives in Middle-Eastern, Silk Road, and Romani Dance!

Featured Weekend Intensives:
Introduction to Iranian Dance

This 2-day intensive features classical, folkloric, and urban dances from Iran, including classical & contemporary technique for solo improvisation, folkloric and regional dances (Gilaki, Azeri, Kurdish, Qashqui, Bandari), and urban jaheli dance (baba karam).

Legacy of Aywah!
This 2-day intensive features “California Tribal” choreography in the styling of Hannah’s root belly dance teacher, Katerina Burda, early Bal Anat dancer under Jamila Salimpour and director of the influential Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company. Workshop intensive repertoire includes: Moroccan sheikhat and guedra, Turkish Roman.

Other workshop packages:
Romani dance (Turkish & Russian technique and choreography)
Dances of the Silk Road (Afghan, Tajik, and Uzbek dance)


Besides being a beautiful, skilled and knowledgeable dancer, Hannah was an excellent teacher. She was organized in her method so that students learned steps and technique which were then incorporated into a choreography, we could take home with us and practice. Hannah was able to work with varied dance levels in the class and adjust as needed while maintaining the integrity of the dance genre and style. It was amazing to have learned 2 complete choreographies and learn so many new and wonderful movements. The class was a lot of fun, and Hannah made everyone feel at ease and able. I look forward to taking future workshops with her and seeing her perform. ~Saundra S.

Hannah’s workshop on Afghan dance was exhilarating, joyful, and educational.  I felt uplifted afterwards, and emerged after the class with a positive feeling of lightness. ~Kristen L.

Hannah Romanowsky is one of the most knowledgeable dancers to study with on the dance circuit. Her desire to share her talent and vast understanding of world dance and culture makes her a must-have master instructor for any dancer to train with.  And the best part about Hannah Romanowsky is there isn’t an ounce of diva in her! ~ Rebecca D.

Here’s what you need to know about Hannah if you are considering hiring her: Yes, you will get a lot of material and it is excellent content. You will get way more than your money’s worth! ~ Gina G

Workshop Rate

$300 (2-hr workshop) plus traveling expenses. Reduced rates can be given with packages.



Dances of the Roma Intensive

DANCES OF THE ROMA Originating in India and moving west into Europe and North Africa, the Roma have played an essential role in the development of the world’s musical and performing arts traditions, creating new music and dance forms through combining their own unique flavor with the musical traditions of the cultures they encountered. In …

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Iranian Folk Dance

Iranian Folk Dance Intensive

Descriptions will be added soon for this Iranian Folk/Regional Dance series. This series can be booked as a single day introductory intensive (6 hours total), or a two-day choreography intensive (8-12 hours). Bandari – The Bandar region of southwestern Iran is located near the Persian Gulf and shares cultural similarities with the neighboring Gulf countries …

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Hannah Persian Dance

Persian Classical Dance

Persian Classical Dance           Iranian/Persian Dance ~ Persian neoclassical art dance is a solo virtuoso art form highlighting delicate hand flourishes, coy facial expressions, shoulder accents, fluid arms, and ecstatic turns. The arms float overhead as the dancer glides ethereally across the floor or sinks languidly into beautiful torso extensions. Through …

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Hannah Romanowsky Belly Dance

Dances from the Middle East & North Africa

Hannah is available to teach choreography and technique workshops in the following forms: Oriental Dance (Belly Dance) ~ Hannah’s embodiment of Oriental or Eastern Dance (also known as Belly Dance) is rooted in the old world tribal approach of her primary belly dance teacher Katarina Burda, student of Jamila Salimpour and early Bal Anat dancer, …

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Hannah Silk Road 1

Dances from the Silk Road

          Hannah trained in Central Asian dance for many years as principal dancer with Ballet Afsaneh, directed by Sharlyn Sawyer, and performed alongside Miriam Peretz, Mariam Gaibova, Tara Pandeya and other respected artists of Central Asian dance. In 2011 she traveled to Tajikistan to study with masters of Tajik dance and perform at the …

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