Slideshow Photo Montage:

Mary’s Lament from Miriam’s Well

Contemporary Persian dance at Suzie’s Studio grand opening:

Hannah dancing to “Ochi Chorniye” by Helm at the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax CA (April 2013)

Hannah dancing to “Shto Mnie Gorie” by Helm

Prayer for the Children who died Dec 14, 2012.

Hannah performing Turkish Roman dance with Helm

Arabic Dance by Hannah at Mary Ellen’s Middle Eastern Treasures performance April 29th, 2012.

Performing in  Miriam’s Well at Grace Cathedral

Performing with Wan-Chao Dance:

Performing Afghan dance with Ballet Afsaneh at Palace of Fine Arts:

Performing Moroccan dance at the Berkeley World Music Festival 2010


Archival videos of Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company directed by Katarina Burda

Moroccan scheikhat with Mira Betz and Donna LaPre:


Studio Project: Isagenix Celebration Talent Audition 2012