Upcoming 2015 Show & Workshop Dates:

March 14 ~ Rakkasah Belly Dance Festival, Richmond Auditorium, Richmond CA, Main Stage @ 3:50pm

March 21 ~ “Rock the Equinox!” Dance Party at the Seahorse Supper Club, Sausalito CA.

March 29 ~ Hannah & Tom’s Birthday Dance Party  at Suzie’s Studio, San Rafael CA

April 3 ~ Sacred Dance White Party @ the Bentley Reserve, San Francisco CA

April 25 ~ April Follies Same-sex ballroom competition, Oakland CA

May 16-17 ~ Tribal Fest 15, Sebastopol CA, Performing Persian choreography with Bal Anat

May 17 ~ Himalayan Fair with the DanceVersity Youth Ensemble, Berkeley CA

MOROCCO 5/19-5/30


August 3-7 ~ DanceVersity World Dance Summer Camp, Berkeley CA

August 8-15 ~ Rancho La Puerta, Baja Mexico

August 16 ~ Persian dance workshop in San Diego

September 12 ~ Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive

September workshop in Albuquerque NM (details TBA)

Hannah and Tom’s Birthday Celebration, Dance Workshop and Party, and Costume Sale ~ Sunday March 29th @ 3:30pm

Location: Suzie’e Studio @ 425 Irwin St., San Rafael CA

Details coming soon!